How to Make Finance and Operations Align in Your Lab Purchasing Workflow

About this webinar

In fast-growing pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, saving time is critical. Lab operations are very time-sensitive, and orders and purchases can make or break a project.
In this online panel event, we’ll be sharing ways to build an efficient requisition process using technology so that your scientists can focus on research while ensuring orders are being tracked and approved properly.

What you'll learn

In this one-hour session, we will be discussing lab procurement best practices, such as creating an efficient lab purchase approval process, ways to automate large purchase order volume processing, as well as strategically managing the vendor-buyer relationship so you can save on contracts and get visibility into your purchases.

Your Presenters

James Neal
Managing Partner
James is a degreed accountant that has been consulting on ERP systems for 25+ years and has been working in the Pharmaceutical industry for the last 18+ years. James has been involved in literally hundreds of implementations ranging from smaller pre-rev to large, multi-national, manufacturers.
AdaptaLogix is the only NetSuite provider focused solely on pharma and biotechnology companies managing clinical trials. Our platform consists of a set of predesigned modules specifically tailored for the pharma and life sciences context. Rather than customizations, the implementation of AdaptaLogix requires only configuration and tweaks specific to each customer.
Craig Seaver
Procurement Manager
Recently graduating with an MBA and an MS in Biotechnology, Craig Seaver currently holds the procurement manager position for Sanmed Diagnostics. Joining the company when it started, Craig has worn a variety of different hats ranging from design and project lead of Sanmed's new lab space to handling every part of the procurement process, and everything in between.
Livzon SanMed Diagnostics Inc. integrates diverse innovations in science, technology, and medicine to transform the care of people with serious diseases with a special focus on cancer. LSM is taking a multi-program, multi-platform approach to applying breakthroughs in liquid biopsy technology, to provide diagnostic information to direct targeted therapy and therapeutic immune responses.