How to Manage Company Spending Through a Proactive Spend Culture

About this webinar

It’s not just about saving money, but about the process behind why it's spent in the first place...

Despite 2021 being a banner year for innovation and investment in the financial software space, many organizations continue to lack real-time visibility into their financial health. Paper purchase orders, retroactive receipt gathering, and a lack of control over departmental budgets cause pain for finance teams, and the reliance on manual processes is both time-consuming and prone to human error.

Without visibility into organizational spending, it’s tough to establish what your team can and can’t purchase. It’s even tougher to set strategic financial goals for both today and the future and understand how to avoid going over budget.

Join industry experts Bevan van der Berg, VP of Finance and Operations at Procurify, and Ed Fineran, CEO and President at Atlantech Online, as they discuss how you can help your organization drive greater business efficiency and productivity through a proactive spend culture. Learn:
  • What a proactive spend culture looks like and how it drives connected finance.
  • How automating your purchasing process can increase team efficiency and save your organization hours.
  • How to build consistent approval workflows for the submission, review, and approval of invoices and purchase orders.
  • How to establish, communicate, and enforce spend policies that maintain financial compliance and encourage responsible spending.

Register for our webinar and discover how you can reduce operational costs and increase your purchasing efficiency through a proactive spend culture.

Meet the experts

Bevan van der Berg

VP Finance and Operations at Procurify

As Procurify's VP of Finance and Operations, Bevan is responsible for leading the finance team. He has a strong focus on streamlining financial operations while working closely as a finance business partner with sales and marketing.

Prior to Procurify, Bevan dedicated almost six years to Hootsuite in a variety of senior financial planning, analysis, and business performance roles. During his time at Hootsuite, Bevan helped the company grow revenue by 5x, expand into new markets, and he shaped the strategy for ongoing global growth.

Ed Fineran

CEO and President at Atlantech Online

Ed Fineran launched Atlantech Online in 1995, and he’s spent the last 25 years building one of the most reliable, fast, and scalable technology companies in North America. His company provides fiber, voice, and data center solutions to business and government organizations.

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Megan Murphy